Getting ready for the opening of your nursing home

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At the end of the building work – conducted in conformity with your objectives and the project for your facility – Gerontim will help you get ready for the opening of your nursing home.

How will your facility function? What will your actual needs be in terms of equipment and staff? Where can you find suitable staff? Will staff be adequately trained in the specific area of supporting elderly persons with reduced autonomy or affected by medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease?

Depending on your specific needs, Gerontim can again put together a multi-disciplinary team that extends its own expertise with that of specialist partners: management specialists, equipment suppliers (care equipment, home automation solutions, technology, tele-assistance, etc.), local or international universities, as well as GERONFOR, the FNAQPA training centre.

1. Fine-tuning your organisation

Based on the project for your facility and the services intended for the future occupants of your nursing home, the task here is to define how everything will function in concrete operation.

How many employees will you need? With what types of skills? Gerontim will work together with you to draw up a standard organisational chart of the staff required for your project, once again in the light of specific local characteristics.

Defining the organisational structure will therefore allow you to identify your recruitment needs as well as your equipment requirements at the levels of both general outfitting and care equipment: medical beds, group catering and laundry equipment, thermal baths, mobility re-education rooms, floor-mounted equipment, bathtubs for special needs, above-bed mobility aids, equipment for wellness areas, wheelchairs and walkers, care equipment distributed throughout the different room configurations corresponding to the various types of dwelling units.

Once you have clearly defined your future functioning and the associated requirements, you will need to put together a team to launch the operation of the facility.

2. Training the teams

It is necessary to distinguish between two levels of training, namely for:
  • The future management of the facility.

The task here is to train the top management, and at least the director, but also the assistant director, for example, the healthcare manager, the doctor, etc. In short, the management team needed in order to open the facility.

With 26 years of experience in continuous professional training in the age-care sector, and with 10,000 employees receiving training every year, GERONFOR, the training department of FNAQPA (National Federation for the Future and Life Quality of the Elderly), will pass on its expertise, knowledge and vision of the sector’s needs to the management team, through training provided in English, in order to allow them to manage the nursing home independently in the future.

The training events can take place on-site in your country. Gerontim and its partners can also organise an immersive professional experience, either in the form of a simple visit or through placements organised in French or other European facilities with the cooperation of their directors.

In addition to discovering the French system of nursing home operation, this can also provide an opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge of specialist topics such as supporting individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

  • The teams recruited by the operator

The task here is to train the future employees, care assistants, hospital workers, etc. in the special requirements involved in providing care and support to the elderly.

Future professional staff can be trained directly or in partnership with local or international universities. Gerontim can also act in collaboration with FNAQPA and its training centre GERONFOR, which will train a local instructor and provide him or her with reference training material to permit the local training of the recruited team members.

At the end of this stage, you will be independent and up-and-running ready for the management of your operational nursing home, which is now finally ready to open its doors!

Are you considering a nursing home construction project and would you like to benefit from a French expertise in this area?

Then take advantage of the experience of a consulting company that is a specialist in the needs of the elderly.

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