Restructuring of the nursing home Champrouge in Mazille (France) – 65 beds

Photo credit: Nursing home Champrouge

Extension of the nursing home, creation of a Dementia care unit, an activity centre offering individualized care and non-medical accommodation

Characteristics of the operation

Restructuring and extension of a not for profit nursing home, with an increase in capacity from 50 to 65 places and diversification of the care services provided. The project made it possible to:

  • Deploy 50 long-term beds for permanent clients in individual rooms + 2 long-term beds for temporary clients, organized in small groups of 5 or 6 beds
  • Create a Dementia care unit with 12 long-term beds for permanent clients and 1 bed for temporary clients
  • Design an activity centre offering individualized care that is highly interconnected with the Dementia care unit
  • Develop a community centre (restaurant, activity area, beauty centre, shopping area, spiritual area) that is oriented towards the world outside of the facility
  • Organize centralized administrative, medical and logistical services
  • Create non-medical accommodation for families and trainees, employees in need of accommodation or healthy elderly persons.
  • Implement an approach based on environmental quality (wooden boiler room, timber structure for the extension: winner of a national timber construction award)

Tasks performed by Gerontim

Focal points of our tasks


3,659 m² net floor area, corresponding to 4,423 m² gross floor area
(approx. 2,600 m² for the extension + 1,800 m² for the existing structure)


Nursing Home Champrouge


Agence Jacques Gerbe – state-certified architect
Agence SCRI_BE – consultant outfitter


Estimated at € 5,905,000 exc. tax
at the end of the design studies
Project costing € 7,700,000 total expenditure
(including 1.8 million financed by the Departmental Council) at the end of the works


Support provided by Gerontim from 2007 to 2011
Work then performed in two segments with the architect team:
1st segment completed in April 2014: 17 months of work to complete the extension (in particular the activity centre offering individualized care, Dementia care unit)
2nd segment completed in May 2015: 13 months of work for the refurbishment of the existing structure

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