Restructuring of the nursing home Le Home de Préville in Moulins-Lès-Metz (France) – 160 beds

Photo credit: Nursing home Le Home de Préville

Extension of the Saint-Vincent wing on 3 floors to provide care capacity of 58 beds

Characteristics of the operation

After a succession of phases of work and extensions, the association-run facility, which is congregational in origin (19th century), now has 3 wings (Saint-Joseph with 56 beds, Les Maisonnées with 42 beds, Saint-Vincent with 51 beds). The Saint-Vincent wing, which was built in 1984, was nevertheless not compatible with the requirements. It was therefore subjected to restructuring and extension work conducted between 2007 and 2013.

Following these operations, the nursing home now has a total care capacity of 160 beds and places:

  • 138 long-term beds for permanent clients (including 19 specifically dedicated to persons with Dementia)
  • 13 long-term beds for temporary clients (including 2 specifically dedicated to persons with Dementia)
  • 4 day-care places
  • 5 studio apartments providing accommodation

The project for the St-Vincent wing, which will ultimately have a capacity of 58 beds, provides for:

  • A 3-floor extension to be built onto the St-Vincent wing
  • The doubling in number of the existing rooms and an increase in their size to 25-26 m², as well as the creation of new rooms measuring 22 m² (thanks to the recovery of unsuitable rooms and a 3-bed increase in capacity)
  • The creation, on the residential floors, of a central living area for events and activities, organized around a “central transitional space, that is glazed and flooded with light” (with patio), “flowing and open”
  • The creation on the ground floor of attractive shared spaces and the creation of a strong link to the outdoor leisure areas (by making them more accessible)
  • The redistribution and creation of care office, logistic rooms and staff areas

Tasks performed by Gerontim

Focal points of our tasks


During the detailed design phase, total area of the project evaluated at 4,442 m² of net floor area:
> including 2,278 m² restructured area (renovation of the St-Vincent wing)
> and 2,164 m² constructed as extensions (connected to the St-Vincent wing)


Approximately € 5,000,000 exc. tax


Support provided by Gerontim from 2008 to 2009
Choice of companies for the work as of 2010
Work performed between November 2010 and June 2013: decanting operation at an occupied site


Nursing home Le Home de Préville
C.L.E. DEVELOPPEMENT METZ, delegated project management


Mr. POTVIN, state-certified architect and Mr. GUERRISI, state-certified architect
INGEROP-EST, design office

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